TM/1/1/46-Letter from Thomas Manning, Macao, [18 August 1808]

2 copies of a letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Macao. He writes that his expedition to Cochinchina was totally unsuccessful because they hadn’t left enough time and also they had come across the survivors of a China Nepal wreck which they rescued (at his insistence) and put down in Turon. He had been with the fleet to the Paracel Islands and seen the wildlife. He is making progress with his study of Chinese. “I have discovered the nature of the tones. I can speak. I can read. I am sure of being able to pursue the study of Chinese books in Europe”. He had received a letter from his sister Fanny and one of these copies also has a note to his sister which is subsequently crossed out. Handwritten, 2 pieces, 4 sides, 4 sides. Dated in another hand 18 August, 1808