The Royal Asiatic Society has a small collection of busts, depicting significant figures in the history of the Society and of Oriental studies in Great Britain and Ireland. Notable figures in our collection include the Sanskritist Henry Thomas Colebrooke (1765-1837), who founded the RAS; Sinologist Thomas Manning (1772-1840); and Brian Houghton Hodgson (1800-1894), naturalist and antiquarian.

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  • [RAS 02.003] Bust of Thomas Manning (1772-1840)
  • [RAS 02.004] Bust of Sir Henry Worsley
  • [RAS 02.005] Head of Sir Richard Winstedt (1878-1966)
  • [RAS 02.006] Head of Sir Edward Denison Ross (1871-1940)
  • [RAS 02.007] Bust of Brian Hodgson (1800-1894)
  • [RAS 02.008] Bust of Henry Colebrooke (1765-1837)
  • [RAS 02.009] Bust of George Noehden (1770-1826)