[RAS Raffles Malay 79] Kitab tarasul [et al.]

Contains several works, namely:
A. Kitab tarasul, pp.1-46
B. Fragments of a Muslim Law book on fines for inflicting wounds, pp.47-54
C. Continuation of Kitab tarasul, Part A,pp.55-98
D. Shifa’ al-kulub, pp.99-108
E. A tract addressed to Ali beginning with the best time for building a house, pp.108-115
F.Questions and answers about the sense of saksi, pp.116-117
G. Sifat dua puluh, on the Qualities of God, pp.118-128
H. ‘Umdat al-I’tikadI. Arabic fragment from a commentary on the Qur’an, pp.159-73
(RAS Raffles Malay 79)
See Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (2014), p. 143.
Language: Arabic/Malay
Document Size: 13.5 x 19.5 cm