TM/2/2/05-Copy of a letter from Thomas Manning, 10 August 1800

Copy of a letter from Thomas Manning to Charles Lamb, India House, London. He pleads with Lamb to go to stay with him in Cambridge – the very thoughts “Of your coming makes my keg of rum wobble about like a porpoise & the Liquor (how fine it smells) goes Gultch squlluck against the sides for joy – just (if I may compare great things with small – my rum puncheon with old Zacharia’s haus in kelter) as St John wobbled in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary, big with Xt by the Holy Ghost, walked into Cousin Betty’s parlour”. Manning asks to be added to Dyer’s list of subscribers. Dated in different hand, 10 August, 800. Copy is 2 pieces, 2 sides