TM/5/04 Draft letter from Thomas Manning to Mr [Willis ?Wilkins (see TM/5/8)]

Draft letter from Thomas Manning to Mr [Willis ?Wilkins (see TM/5/8)]. He expresses his regret in that he had hoped to send some Chinese paintings and some seeds but had been let down in acquiring them. Instead he sends some Chinese pencils and Chinese ink. He remembers their family situation with affection. He is well treated in Canton but it is not easy to make progress in learning about the culture and inhabitants. But he is quite happy. He suggests that Du Halde’s account is accurate. In a postscript he asks to be remembered to Mrs Roberts and wonders whether she is related to the President in Canton who is also named Roberts. dated 24 April 1807. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. There is also a later handwritten transcription of the letter, 3 pieces, 3 sides.