TM/2/3/2-Letter from George Leman Tuthilll, 6 October 1798

Letter from George Tuthill to Thomas Manning from “Freiberg in Upper Saxony”. He writes that he is sorry not to have seen Manning before he left England nor written since and enquires about Manning’s mathematical discoveries. After 2 months in Dresden he is in Freiberg studying mineralogy alongside Chemistry. There is a mining academy there which serves the surrounding silver mines. He has met Werner (Abraham Gottlob Werner (25 September 1749 – 30 June 1817) was a German geologist who set out an early theory about the stratification of the Earth’s crust and propounded a history of the Earth that came to be known as Neptunism. While most tenets of Neptunism were eventually set aside, Werner is remembered for his demonstration of chronological succession in rocks; for the zeal with which he infused his pupils; and for the impulse he thereby gave to the study of geology.[1] To this end, he has been called the “father of German geology”). He is learning Chemistry with Lampadius (Wilhelm August Lampadius was born in Hehlen (Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel) on 8 August 1772 and died on 13 April 1842 in Freiberg. He was a German pharmacist in Göttingen from 1785 until 1791. Also he was an “extraordinary professor” of chemistry and mineralogy in 1794 and an “ordinary professor” in 1795. He taught at the Mining Academy in Freiberg. Lampadius is best known for inflaming the first coal gas lantern on European ground). Tuthill’ s wife Maria is busy learning the language. Tuthill is also reading the literature of Wiland, Goethe and Herder. Tuthill has visited Bohemia and wished Manning had shared the wildness with him. He hopes to be in a situation to see lots of Manning when he returns. handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. dated 6 October 1798