TM/4/3 Letter from H Robinson, Kendal to Rev William Manning, Diss, Norfolk

Letter from H Robinson, Kendal to Rev William Manning, Diss, Norfolk. He writes of his own illness and recovery and thanks William Manning for the pleasant time he and his niece spent with the Manning family. He has heard via Mr Lloyd that Thomas Manning is now recovered and that he may visit Westmorland that summer. However he has heard that Thomas has plans to travel again, this time to Russia and then on to China. He hopes that Thomas Manning’s studies and publications will detain him at home this year. Robinson asks that if Manning publishes by subscription that his name be put to him when William Manning writes to his son. William Manning (son) he writes has finished college and is occupied in altering a house and laying out a garden. Madam Susan and [Miss Phoney] he understands have been in town this spring and hoped they enjoyed Sir Chappelow’s house. he writes that when he visited Mrs Manning looked nearly as well as she did in 1796, only more lame. He writes of his own family’s health. The rest of the letter is taken with his views of the political situation, both the conflict with France and Napoleon’s power and the Roman Catholic Irish problem. He asks to be remembered to Mr B Wiseman. Dated 31 May 1805. Handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides