TM/1/2/3-Letter from Thomas Manning, Canton, 29 September 1809

Letter from Thomas Manning to his sister, [Susan] from Canton. He writes of receiving letters from other family members and the length of time they have taken to reach them. He writes of his aborted plans to go to Cochinchina. He is pleased with his progress in Chinese having a Chinese scholar to teach him. He hopes when he returns to England to inspire some young men to return to China to complete what he has started. The king of Siam has arrived in Canton and he hopes to dine with him and see if he can join his retinue. He writes about the Spanish conflict and says he has written some songs which when sung at table were prodigiously applauded. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. Dated 29 September 1809 See TM/9/8/12 for one ballad