TM/1/1/40-Letter from Thomas Manning, Canton, 24 February 1807

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Canton. “All our attention has been absorbed for these last two months by a Contestation between the Supercargoes & the Mandarins respecting delivering up a man for having killed a Chinese. With this letter he encloses an account of the affair. This has stopped them leaving for Macao. he had been to a lavish entertainment by one of the Chinese security merchants which he describes. He is happy and writes that there is much to be learnt in Canton but the Europeans do not learn it because they do not know the language. “We are as babies under nurses” Manning writes of the Europeans and their inability to communicate or look after themselves. “I have no patience with this blustering and huffing in India & licking the dust here”. There is a postscript concerning Edward Sheen, the “mock culprit” and concerning the receipt of a letter from his father. With this letter are a letter from J Crabtree to William Manning writing that he is enclosing Thomas’ account of the affray at Canton and also asking that Mr Young will now organise sending his letters to China as Crabtree is going to America. There are 2 accounts of the fight between the English crew of the Neptune and the Chinese on 24 February 1807. Hand written, 4 pieces, each 4,4,,1 and 4 sides. Letter dated 22 April 1807, postscript 28 April 1807, Accounts dated 16th April 1807, Crabtree letter dated 25 February 1808