TM/1/1/41-Letter from Thomas Manning, Canton, 7 May 1807

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Canton. He writes that the recall of the fleet that was despatched means he can write again with news that he thinks his father and friends at Diss will find gripping. After the felt had sailed the Chinese had changed their demands regarding Edward Sheen but a boat was despatched to the fleet which returned. The Chinese then changed their demands and there are hopes it can be amicably settled. Manning had been to dinner at a retired Chinese merchant’s house with Mandarins, English, Chinese merchants, Mr Chalmers the Swedish chief, some other Swedes and Danes and the Spanish chief. He tried so many new dishes – bird’s nest soup with soy, deer’s sinews & biche de mer – that they upset his stomach and he has had to dine on roast beef, mutton & chicken & boiled potatoes ever since. He praises Macao, 80-100 miles to south of Canton. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. Dated 7 May, 1807