TM/1/1/39-Letter from Thomas Manning, Canton, 14 January 1807

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Canton – “in my own rooms at the English factory given me this morning”. He arrived in Canton the previous day and George Staunton had said that an American ship was to leave Canton the next day; hence the letter. He had been called upon to give medical help to a Chinese servant with a cut elbow, followed by dinner at the Company table – roast beef, potatoes and vegetables recalling ideas of old England. he is tired and the next day will breakfast with Mr Barry, a merchant, for whom Mr Crabtree had given Manning a letter of introduction. They arrived by open boat – with some worries about pirates but had arrived in Canton safely. He writes about the weather and concludes with a note to say the servant is much improved so Manning has proved he is of some use already. Handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides. Dated 14 January 1807