TM/1/1/38-Letter from Thomas Manning, on board the ‘Thames’, 19 August -11 November 1806

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from on board the Thames. The letter begins on 19 August 1806 and Manning writes about a terrible storm the day after leaving the Cape in which they lost a set of sails, damage estimated at £1000. The fleet were scattered but most had regrouped. The letter continues on 11 November 1806 from Penang where he had been for a month. He finds Penang fascinating – the vegetation, the different types of people and their lifestyles and religious habits. He has met the Governor, though his wife was unfortunately in Bengal. Manning has been a little unwell with fever but in good health as he writes. He has made many observations leaving no time to write letters, though he hopes to write to Dr Davy. He has seen Chinese and Siamese plays. Handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides. 19 August -11 November 1806