TM/1/1/12-Letter from Thomas Manning, Paris, 12 February 1802

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Paris. He apologises for not writing sooner and blames it on lack of time. He is rising late, “something or other breaks in on my mornings, & after dinner I have a necessity of seeing somebody to talk with or I should be melancholy”. He has not yet met many people and wants to meet Mr LaGrange to see a demonstration of a Theorem which no-one as yet has given a genuine demonstration. He tries to avoid mixing with the other English apart from Tuthill but has met Lord Henry Petty (Henry Petty-Fitzmaurice, 3rd Marquess of Lansdowne KG, PC, FRS (2 July 1780 – 31 January 1863), known as Lord Henry Petty from 1784 to 1809, was a British statesman. In a ministerial career spanning nearly half a century he notably served as Home Secretary and Chancellor of the Exchequer and was three times Lord President of the Council.) who also brought the Irish man Mr Parnell (Henry Brooke Parnell, 1st Baron Congleton PC (3 July 1776 – 8 June 1842). He has only seen Bonaparte at a distance at the review of troops. He has met Tom Paine (Thomas Paine (1737-1809)). He subscribes to the Lyceum where there is a library , conversation room and reading room where he can read all the French journals and reviews and some English, and attend lectures all for £4 subscription. He finishes by answering points from his father’s letter and saying he will write to Edward. Handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides. Postmarked 1802, dated 23rd Plavoise (French republican Calendar), 12 February, 1802