TM/1/1/13-Letter from Thomas Manning, Paris, 9 March 1802

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Paris. He writes “Paris is a place where Luxury abounds and riots uncontrolled” though he himself lives in a retired manner. He has met Mr Demaimicure (De Maimieux ) “a learned man who has invented a new language which he calls Pasigraphie”. He also met an English gentleman at the Restorateur’s who has the confidence of the French Government as he has a civil place in Belgium (no name given). This man introduced him to Mrs Cosway, English painter and Engraver (Maria Cosway (11 June 1760 – 5 January 1838)). This man has offered “to introduce me to a man who has travelled to the interior of China and who is acquainted with Chinese manners – a subject that much interests me” This man can also be of service in a literary way. Manning was admitted to the antichambers and saw Bonaparte: “I had an excellent view of him both in his going out and his returning. What a God like countenance he has! his demeanour to the spectators was very affable & unaffected. I have so exalted idea of him as a great man, that when he passed & turned his face to the party where I stood, I had a violent emotion, even to tears”. He admits much is said against him and that banishments are taking place. He mentions the carnival which has just finished, handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides. Dated Tuesday 18th Ventose (French Republican Calendar) 9 March 1802