TM/1/1/22-Letter from Thomas Manning, Paris, 5 November 1802

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Paris. He writes of his journey from Toulouse in the company of Madame Serrant along the banks of the Garonne to Bordeaux, then Poitiers, Angers and by the banks of the Loire, the magnificent chateau of Serrant which escaped damage in the revolution. He stayed a few days at the Chateau before returning to Paris but hopes that the Serrants will come to Paris shortly or he will visit them again before leaving France, He writes how Madame de Serrant could write letters of recommendation for him but knows he has no time for flirtations, therefore recommends him to be introduced to the Count de [Minnery] – an Italian of great taste in drawing. She will provide other letters as required. He adds “What you report to me from Mrs Opie would absolutely make me vain, were I mot aware that some of my friends are partial to me & my beauty too!” He claims not to have committed “the folly” yet as he has seen nothing but artists and literary men but won’t promise not to be guilty of it. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. Dated 14th Brumaire (5 November) 1802