TM/1/1/24-Letter from Thomas Manning, Paris, 8 March 1803

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Paris. He is preparing to leave France but must visit Madame de Serrant before he returns to England. He suggests meeting his father in Cambridge. He wants to go there to peruse some books such as Du Haldes History of China. He reassures “do not be alarmed – different people have different lots – mine is to wander for a while”. He writes about his algebra book wondering whether the 50 copies he sent to Ireland are still in Mr Arthurs’ shop in Dublin. He writes about other books; about being unwell and how poor the medical knowledge is in France with people dying of being bled; the weather is very cold so there has been skating on the Seine; that people in Paris are concerned that there might be a war between England and France possibly based on Bonaparte’s address to the Legislation in which he alluded to the possibility of a maritime war. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. Dated 17th Ventose (8th March) 1803