TM/1/1/11-Letter from Thomas Manning, Paris, 8th January 1802

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Paris. He writes about his difficult journey through snow with horses falling and includes a sketch of the situation. This meant he arrived late and so was fatigued. He had walked around Paris that morning and seen the Palais Royal. He prefers Paris to London and reiterates this later in the letter. He writes abut meeting his friend Tuthill (Sir George Leman Tuthill (1772–1835) was an English physician), his wife (Maria) and child (Laura Maria). The letter is written over 2 days and then re-opened to put in a note about forwarding his mail. He is considered an American by his hosts which is of benefit he states in that they expect him to live frugally. He states his address as No 165, Hotel Beauvalet, Rue de la Jussienne. Handwritten, 1 piece, 4 sides. Dated 8 January 1802