TM/1/1/25-Letter from Thomas Manning, Chateau de Serrant, France, 22 April 1803

Letter from Thomas Manning to William Manning from Serrant. He writes about his days at Serrant teaching English to Madame de Serrant and her sister, Caroline, playing billiards with her brother, talking politics with Monsieur de Serrant, playing with the children and sitting by the fire. They have offered for him to stay until the end of the year but he thinks he will only stay for a month or two. His brother William has written of a possible companion in his Asiatic research and Thomas is contemplating engaging a pupil and travelling overland to Petersburgh that winter or early spring. He concludes by writing that he was to escort Lady [Clavering] to Serrant but her husband, Sir James, had deranged the plan they concocted. Handwritten, 1 piece, 3 sides. Dated 22 April, 1803