[RAS Maxwell Malay 020] Book of laws, and Ceritera Raja Nushirwan ‘Adil

AH 1300 [AD 1832]
39 p.

A: pp. 1-33. A book of laws in 64 chapters. MS ‘B’ in Winstedt and Kempe, 1948. B: pp. 33-9. Ceritera Raja Nushirwan ‘Adil. Copied in AH 1300 [AD 1882] from an original MS of Dato’ Sri Adika Raja dated AH 1248 [AD 1832]. Scribe bin Muhammad Arshad (cf. Maxwell 1 and 6, where the name is spelled differently, and Maxwell 3 and 4). Lined European paper. Maxwell bequest, 1898. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (1977), p. 145. Digitization sponsored by the National Archives of Malaysia.