[RAS Maxwell Malay 006] Undang-undang Melaka

Undang-undang Melaka, and other laws. Containing, in confused order, Risalat Hukum Kanun (pp. 2-23, 37-40), the Hukum Kanun of Pahang and Johore (pp. 28-37), Undang-undang laut of Malacca (pp. 1-2, 41-55), Johore laws, etc. Copyist bin Muhammad ‘Arshad Perak (cf. Maxwell 1 and 20, where the name is spelled differently, and Maxwell 3 and 4). Said to have been copied from a MS of Undang-undang Melaka dated AH 1237 [AD 1821]. English paper: ‘Original Turkey Mill Kent’. Maxwell bequest, 1898. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (1977), p. 144. Digitization sponsored by the National Archives of Malaysia.