Panorama of Chobar ridge.

Inscribed: Ridge of Chobhar (Cho Vihar or the Convent on the hill) with the desicating(?) cleft therin through which the waters of the gnondam lake flowed off and left the present Valley of Nepal. No 7.Glossed: 1: Cho Vihar, 2: Saibu, 3: Dhina Chó, 4: Chhu Chó, 5: Hathi ban, 6: Bagdo, 7: Nakhu, 8: The Cleft.Watermark dates the paper to 1841.From the collection of Brian Houghton Hodgson.
Pencil drawing : paper size: 30.1 x 48.7 cm, mount size: 55 x 66 cm.

Chitrakar, Raj Man Singh
Hodgson, Brian Houghton

RAS Hodgson 022.007.

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