[Photo.34/(006)] Amaravati (no. 46)

Photograph of an excavated sculpture panel [empty throne at centre]. Photograph formed from two joined prints. The reference number allocated to the piece refers to Robert Sewell’s ‘Report on the Amaravati Tope, and Excavations on its site in 1877’ (London, 1880) in which the piece is described.

‘No. 46 is a very handsome slab in good preservation. As before mentioned, it was found lying with its end resting on No. 42, about a foot of earth intervening. No. 46 (8 ft. 9 in. long by 2 ft. 8 in. high.) (Inner face photographed). Coping stone of the Outer Rail in excellent preservation. [Here follows a lengthy description of the piece].’

Robert Sewell
‘Report on the Amaravati Tope, and excavations on its site in 1877’ (London, 1880, p. 46.)

Original negatives not held. Part of a collection of twenty albumen prints mounted on card, with captions written in ink beneath the prints and all signed ‘R. Sewell’.