[Photo.34/(009)] Amaravati (no. 52)

Photograph of excavated sculpture panel of Buddha images and other figures. The reference number allocated to the piece refers to Robert Sewell’s ‘Report on the Amaravati Tope, and Excavations on its site in 1877’ (London, 1880) in which the piece is described.

‘No. 52 is a very fine stone in excellent preservation, one of the most beautiful yet found amongst these marbles. It is a portion of the elaborately sculptured frieze placed by Mr Fergusson at the top of the inner rail (F., LXXV., LXXXII, LXXXIII.), and described by him on p. 223-5. I have a very poor and ill-focussed photograph of it which does not do it justice. ‘It measures 5 ft. 1 in. by 1 ft. 5 in. in height. [Here follows a lengthy description of the piece].’

Robert Sewell
‘Report on the Amaravati Tope, and excavations on its site in 1877’ (London, 1880, p. 48)

Faded print. Original negative not held. Part of a collection of twenty albumen prints mounted on card, with captions written in ink beneath the prints and all signed ‘R. Sewell’.