[RAS Raffles Malay 32] Ceremonies, customs, and laws

ca. 84 p.
31 x 19 cm

RAS Raffles Malay 32. English paper: ‘S Wise & Patch 1806’. Illustrated. Raffles Collection, 1830. A: 11 pp. An account of various ceremonies, customs, and laws. A note by R.O. Winstedt says ‘apparently written at Riau: refers to old Johore Kingdom titles’. See D below. B: 5 pp. A story about Inderapura being attacked by garfish (todak). C: 5 pp. A story about the arrival of the Portuguese at Malacca. See Raffles, 1816, p. 115. D: Coloured figures of flags belonging to A. E: 63 pp. Episode from Hikayat Dewa Bisnu [?]. Dated at the end A.H. 1223 [A.D. 1808]. References: van der Tuuk, 1866 and 1866a; Voorhoeve, 1963, p. 61. Abstracts by van der Tuuk in LOr 3300, pp. 380-411. Raffles, Sophia, Lady, 1786-1858 ; Gift ; 1830. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (1977), p. 136. Digitization sponsored by the National Archives of Malaysia.