[RAS Raffles Malay 74] Legal texts

ca. 1780
ca. 200 p.
21 x 15.5 cm

Legal texts, etc. A: ff. 1-15. Maritime laws of Malacca. B: ff. 16-48. Malacca laws. C: ff. 49-59. Laws, as in Raffles Malay 33 (A, B, and C) D: ff. 59-76. Pahang laws. E: f. 77. Johore laws. F: ff. 77-9. Introduction to maritime laws. G: ff. 79-82. Selangor slave trade, dated AH 1189 [AD 1775] H: ff. 83-8. Ketika rejang. See Niemann, 1870, p. 134. Cf. Raffles Malay 33. I: f. 88. Prescriptions. J: ff. 88-93. Ketika tujuh. Cf. Raffles Malay 33, 34. K: ff. 94-8. Ketika lima. Cf. Raffles Malay 33, 34. L: ff. 99-103. Fragments of a religious work, and coloured tables belonging to K. M: f. 100v. A note on the birth of a daughter Raja Murah to Engku Raja Ahmad in AH 1193 [AD 1779]. European paper. Some ff. soiled. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (1977), p. 142. Digitization sponsored by the National Archives of Malaysia.