[RAS Raffles Malay 75] Fragment of Malay laws

ca. 1815?
6, 180, 13 p.
20.5 x 14.5 cm

A: 6 pp. Fragment of Malay laws. The first section concerns people who neglect the fencing of their plantations. B: pp. 1-141. Muslim law. Begins with rules about buying and selling; ends with the laws of inheritance. C: pp. 142-3. Fragment from an Arabic work on law with Malay interlinear translation. D: pp. 144-58. Arabic-Malay vocabulary, the last 7 pp. lacking the Malay equivalents. E: pp. 159-80. On lawful foods. F: 13 pp. Malay laws. Soiled and damaged. A-E Chinese paper; F European paper. Raffles collection, 1830. See M.C. Ricklefs and P. Voorhoeve, Indonesian manuscripts in Great Britain (1977), p. 142. Digitization sponsored by the National Archives of Malaysia.