[RAS Burmese 32] Pālī Abhidhammatthasaṅgaha

language : Thai

date : C19th?

creator :

publisher :

68 olas (ka-ghaṃ) in 2 bundles (phūk); 585 x 56 mm; 2 cord holes, 5 lines, 72 char., Kham script, 480 mm; numb. Kham letters; gilded edges, 1st & last olas of each bundle, gilded, decorated in brown lacquer with charming floral, squirrels and birds motifs, 1st ola of eachbundle, title in the central cartouche: braḥ pāḷī abhidhammatthasaṅgaha phūk …; 2 wooden covers. This ms. belongs to the collection of similar bundles kept under RAS BURMESE 30, 31, 33, & 34, same style of decorations, same measurements. This ms. should be classified with Siamese ms. No date (19th c.). See Jacqueline Filliozat, ‘Survey of the Pāli Manuscript Collection in the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1999, Vol. 9, Pt. 1, pp. 35-76.