[RAS Burmese 62] Paritta

language : Burmese

date : C19th?

creator :

publisher :

Pali-Burmese nissaya fragments. Folding book (purapuik), white paper, 12 folds; 360 x 95 mm; 7 lines, 35 char., Burm. large round script, 330 mm; no numb.; 1st and last folds painted in brown colour, used as covers. In black ink on the 1st cover: “Presented b I.C.C. Sutherland Esq. May 3, 1828.” No date. See Jacqueline Filliozat, ‘Survey of the Pāli Manuscript Collection in the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1999, Vol. 9, Pt. 1, pp. 35-76.