[RAS Hodgson MS 70]] Poṣavidhānam

language : Sanskrit

date : C19th?

Palm leaf; 7 lines on each page. Cowell and Eggeling note that the manuscript appears to be old, and that it apparently consists of formulas and invocations. Text begins: namo buddhāya || oṃ vajrodaka hūṃ | oṃ vajrapuṣpaṃ hūṃ etc. Text ends: poṣavidhānā samāptā || Manuscript acquired by Hodgson in Nepal. See p. 46 in Cowell, E. B. and Eggeling, J. ‘Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit manuscripts in the possession of the Royal Asiatic Society (Hodgson Collection)’, published in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1875, Pt. 1, pp.1-56. Brian Houghton Hodgson, gift, 1835-6. Text in Sanskrit.