[RAS Morris 11] Apadāna

language : Sinhalese

date : C19th?

creator :

publisher :

169 olas (ka-ṭū); 665 x 65 mm; 2 cord holes, 8 lines, 116 char., Sinh. small script, 565 mm; numb. Sinh. letters and European figures in pencil; many scholar notes in ink or pencil in the margins, text underlines, addition of European figures to the chapters on olas ‘ka’ to ‘ge’; 2 wooden covers; brass pot sakiya. A transcript of this ms. by R. Morris has been used partly for the PTS ed. by M. E. Lilley, 1925, v. Editorial note p. V ‘3. The M. fragment is part of a transcript made by the late Dr. R. Morris, evidently from a Sinhalese MS. It takes us to the middle of the twelfth Vagga only …’ This transcript is no longer in the Morris papers in the RAS. It may have been kept by M.E. Lilley? No date. See Jacqueline Filliozat, ‘Survey of the Pāli Manuscript Collection in the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1999, Vol. 9, Pt. 1, pp. 35-76.