[RAS Morris 06] Aṅguttaranikāya – Ekanipāta (up to) Ekādasanipāta

language : Sinhalese

date : C19th?

creator :

publisher :

Fragment. 329 olas (ka-phe); 670 x 65 mm; 2 cord holes, 11 lines, 145 char., Sinh. medium script, 590 mm; numb. Sinh. letters; 2 wooden covers, painted in red on the rectos only, with decoration of black and green lotuses and leaves, borders with palapeti; brass pot sakiya made of a British jacket button inscribed: Smit Birmingham Kemp & Wright, Crown with a standing lion + 50 (in figures). This ms. has been used fo the PTS ed. by Morris (parts I & II), see part I, Preliminary remarks p. VII, ms. 6, quoted under M. and then by Hardy, parts III, IV, V; see part III, Preface p. V, mss. 4 & 5, quoted under M6 and M7 Morris MS. (in Sinhalese writing), fol jri sqq. & fol thu sqq. No date. See Jacqueline Filliozat, ‘Survey of the Pāli Manuscript Collection in the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1999, Vol. 9, Pt. 1, pp. 35-76.