[RAS Tod MS 114] Upadeśa-rasāyana and Dharma-rasāyana, or Caccarī

language : Sanskrit

date : C19th?

creator : Jinadatta

Palm-leaf; contained within wooden boards. Manuscript consists of two Jain doctrinal poems in Apabhraṃśa Prakrit by Jinadatta, with Sanskrit commentaries (Saṃkṣepa-vivaraṇa) by Jinapāla, disciple of Jinapati, composed in Samvat 1294. The Upadeśa-rasāyana consists of 80 stanzas (f.1-37b), and the Dharma-rasāyana, also known as Caccarī, consists of 47 stanzas (f.37b-67). In an article in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Jan 1940, p.67-69, entitled ‘Note on list of Tod MSS No. 114: Caccari (Palm-leaf)’, Alfred Master noted that this manuscript is “of special value as the earliest Apabhramsa MS. known in Europe”. Tod Manuscript Collection. See L. D. Barnett ‘Catalogue of the Tod Collection of Indian manuscripts in the possession of the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1940, Pt. 2, p.154. See also unpublished catalogue of the RAS Tod manuscripts by Dr. Rima Hooja, 2002, held in the RAS library. Lt. Col. James Tod, gift, 182-? Text in Apabhraṃśa Prakrit and Sanskrit.