[RAS Tod MS 145] [Volume of 86 fair copies of official letters]

[Volume of 86 fair copies of official letters] [RAS Tod MS 145]

Copies completed early 19th century AD

105 f.; 33.5 x 24 cm

Lt. Col. James Tod, gift, 182-? Text in Rajasthani and English.

Paper; text in black ink; letters are bound in a register. Manuscript consists of a miscellany of official documents and letters, apparently copied out for Tod’s benefit, including correspondence between Mahārājā Sawai Jai Singh II of Amber-Jaipur and the Mahāranas of Mewar and others; various letters from and to Maharana Sangram Singh, Jagat Singh, Amar Singh, Ari Singh, Raj Singh, etc., of Mewar; correspondence between Maharana Jagat Singh and Pradhan Bihari Das; correspondence between Maharana Sangram Singh and Pradhan Bihari Das; applications from various supplicants; correspondence with Pancholi ministers; correspondence pertaining to various Maharajas of Jodhpur (Marwar); correspondence with Maratha chiefs. Also includes some loose sheets.

Includes a list of 184 rulers and chiefs of various states and estates of Rajasthan drawn up in Samvat 1815 (1759 CE) during the reign of Maharana Raj Singh, and a sum of money (probably annual revenue) due from each estate. Includes several loose sheets, some of which appear to be translations of some of the documents, possibly in Tod’s handwriting.

Tod Manuscript Collection. See L. D. Barnett ‘Catalogue of the Tod Collection of Indian manuscripts in the possession of the Royal Asiatic Society’, Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 1940, Pt. 2, p.160. See also unpublished catalogue of the RAS Tod manuscripts by Dr. Rima Hooja, 2002, held in the RAS library.