[South Indian Sanskrit MS 014, Whish MS 13A] Ṛgveda-saṃhitā


Palm-leaf; 15 lines.

Manuscript consists of a single damaged palm leaf with the text of the beginning of the Ṛgveda-saṃhitā in the Pada text, Rv. I, 1, 1 to I, 3, 4.

Winternitz notes that the accentuation is interesting as only the Udāttas are marked (by the sign ~ over the accented syllable).

South Indian Sanskrit / Whish Manuscript Collection.

See ’A catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts (especially those of the Whish Collection) belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland’ by M. Winternitz, with an appendix by F. W. Thomas (London: RAS, 1902) p.15. Go to for a digital copy of this catalogue.

J. L. Whish, gift of manuscripts collected by his brother C. M. Whish, July 1836.

Text in Sanskrit, Grantha script.