[South Indian Sanskrit MS 115, Whish MS 112B] Laḻitāstavaratna


Language – Sanskrit

Date – [1800?]
Palm leaf; from 8 to 11 lines on a folio. Manuscript consists of a collection of Stotras and various fragments. Titles of the Stotras are given in the margins at the beginning of each one, and in a list on the first folio. The texts are as follows: 1. the Mātṛkāstava (ff.1-4); 2. the Mātṛkānyāsa (ff.5-6); 3. the Tripurāṣṭottara (ff.7-8); 4. the Śyāmaḻāmbāvatmaratna, or Mātaṅgīkavaca, i.e. the 10th Paṭala of the Saubhāgyalakṣmīkalpa (ff.9-10); 5. the Mātaṅgyaṣṭottara (ff.11-12); 6. the Bālāsahasranāman (ff.13-16); 7. various mantras for Tantric purposes (ff.17-21); 8. the Tripurāstava in 54 stanzas, attributed to Durvāsas (ff.22-27); 9. the Dakṣiṇāmūrttipañjara, or the 18th Adhyāya of the Brahmāṇḍa-Purāṇa (ff.28-29); 10. various (Tantric?) fragments (ff.30-36); 11. the Gaṇapatyaṣṭaka, ascribed to Sadāśiva (f.36); 12. the Laḻitāstavaratna (ff.37-49). For short quotations from the beginning and end of each text, see Winternitz catalogue entry. Winternitz notes that other copies of the Laḻitāstavaratna include RAS Whish MS 64 (5) / South Indian Sanskrit MS 63 (5), Whish MS 169 (2) / South Indian Sanskrit MS 160 (2), and Whish MS 189 / South Indian Sanskrit MS 174. He also notes that the beginning and end of this copy are the same as 63 (5). South Indian Sanskrit / Whish Manuscript Collection. See ’A catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts (especially those of the Whish Collection) belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland’ by M. Winternitz, with an appendix by F. W. Thomas (London: RAS, 1902) p.162-164. Go to for a digital copy of this catalogue. For the Śyāmaḻāmbāvarmaratna see also ‘Classified index to the Sanskrit MSS. in the Palace at Tanjore’ by A. C. Burnell (London, 1880), p.197b. J. L. Whish, gift of manuscripts collected by his brother C. M. Whish, July 1836. Text in Sanskrit; Grantha script.