[South Indian Sanskrit MS 166, Whish MS 177] Ṛgveda-Saṃhitā


Language – Sanskrit

Date – [1800?]
Palm leaf; 11, or sometimes 12, lines on a folio. Manuscript consists of the Ṛgveda-Saṃhitā in the Pada-Pāṭha, accented (for a description of the marking of the accents, see RAS Whish MS 176, South Indian Sanskrit MS 165 in Winternitz catalogue), Aṣṭakas V-VIII. Winternitz notes that there are entries by C. M. Whish dated ‘Tellicherry December 1831’. He thinks the MS may be about 50 years older, i.e. the same age as Whish MS 176, but it is written by a different hand. Text begins: stuṣé | nárā | diváḥ | vya | asyá | pra-sántā | aśvinā | huve | járamāṇaḥ | vya | arkkaiḥ | etc. The Vth Aṣṭaka ends f.198b, the VIth Aṣṭaka f,241, the VIIth Aṣṭaka f.282b, and the VIIIth Aṣṭaka f.323b. Maṇḍala IX ends f,265b. Khila XIV is found on f.178, Khila XVII f.247b. Winternitz notes that there may be more Khilas in other places, but he could not find them. It ends: yáthā | vaḥ | sú-saha | ásati || 49 || gatitirnnādhadhāmaṣṭama nassanna sanūs sanam [?] || addhyāyasya sūktāni vargasamasaṃkhyāni || ity aṣṭameṣṭakeṣṭamoddhyāyaḥ || subrahmaṇāya paramagurave namaḥ || bindudurllipi- etc. South Indian Sanskrit / Whish Manuscript Collection. See ’A catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts (especially those of the Whish Collection) belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland’ by M. Winternitz, with an appendix by F. W. Thomas (London: RAS, 1902) p.223-224. Go to for a digital copy of this catalogue. J. L. Whish, gift of manuscripts collected by his brother C. M. Whish, July 1836. Text in Vedic Sanskrit; Grantha script.