The Golden Palace at Bhatgaon.

Inscribed: The Darbar of Bhatgaon (The Nhaiken jyal & Lungdhoka & Lam pati on the right & near sides). No 42. See No 31 & 35.See 022.031 and 022.035 for other views of the palace at Bhatgaon.Watermark dates the paper to 1841.See: J.P. Losty, ”The architectural monuments of Buddhism’: Hodgson and the Buddhist architecture of the Kathmandu Valley’ in Waterhouse, The Origins of Himalayan Studies (London) 2004.From the collection of Brian Houghton Hodgson.
Pencil drawing : paper size: 30 x 48.5 cm, mount size: 55 x 66 cm.

Chitrakar, Raj Man Singh
Hodgson, Brian Houghton

RAS Hodgson 022.042.

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