[South Indian Sanskrit MS 225, Whish MS 225] Śvetasrakerala prabhu, commentary on the Sarvasiddhāntasaṃgraha

Śvetasrakerala prabhu, commentary on the Sarvasiddhāntasaṃgraha

Language – Sanskrit

Date – [1800?]
Palm leaf; 10 to 11 lines on a folio; manuscript consists of 1 blank folio, 21 folios of text, 5 blank folios. Inscription on outer side of cover: “Commentary of the first part of the Sarvasiddhanta Sangrahah a comp [complete?] History of the Philoso….[illegible] C M Whish”. Inscription by F. W. Thomas on paper label: “Grantha character. Commentary on the Sarvasiddhāntasaṃgraha. The Comm’s name is Śvetasrakerala Prabhu. Sanskrit. FWT” South Indian Sanskrit / Whish Manuscript Collection This manuscript is labelled as 225, but in ’A catalogue of South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts (especially those of the Whish Collection) belonging to the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland’ by M. Winternitz, with an appendix by F. W. Thomas (London: RAS, 1902), the Whish MS numbers only go up to 195, and then other South Indian Sanskrit manuscripts are numbered from 196 to 215. The collection includes additional manuscripts numbered from 216 to 230, which are not in the Winternitz catalogue. Go to for a digital copy of the Winternitz catalogue. J. L. Whish, gift, July 1836. Text in Sanskrit; Grantha script.