TM/09/06/ : Notes from Chinese Period

Notes from Chinese Period – these are loose notes associated with Thomas Manning’s period in China. They consists of a translation fora Chinese prescription, a Memorandum note to the Factories and Residents at Canton and Macao, and a farewell note from General Liu

TM/9/6/1-Translation of a Chinese Prescription

“Translation of a Chinese Prescription” and notes regarding a complaint of the liver, stomach and kidneys. Dated 22 September, 1815….

TM/9/6/2-Memorandums of the Factories, Residents at Canton & Macao

Label for “Memorandums of the Factories, Residents at Canton & Macao. For Amusement”. Handwritten, 1 piece, 1 side

TM/9/6/3-Farewell Note from General Liu

Drawing of Chinese Gentlemen with some Chinese characters. Pink paper with evidence of previous insect damage (宋=Sòng 生=Mister 行=to go…