[Photo.22] Views of China and Hong Kong

Collection of 24 loose prints, the majority with pencilled captions on the reverse. The collection can be broken down as follows: — Prints 1-7 Views illustrating the aftermath of the Hong Kong Typhoon of September 1874, photographed by Lai Afong. — Prints 8-13 Topographical and architectural views of Hong Kong, 1870s-80s. Some of this material may also be by Lai Afong. — Prints 14-18 Topographical views of China (Shanghai and Hankow), 1880s. Photographer unknown. — Prints 19-22 Genre studies of Chinese types and occupations, possibly photographed by Milton M. Miller, 1870s. — Prints 23-24 Two views of the Jesuit observatory at Peking, dated 1899, but probably taken earlier. — Print 25 View of the Whampoo River, slightly larger format and probably not part of original collection. -The collection is accompanied by a contemporary list of 17 photographs. Not all the photographs listed are with the collection, and some prints have been added.